Order Large Floor Mats with Our Link Mat System

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Large custom floor mat

Standard Mat Sizes

We can create floor mats up to 50 feet in length, with a max width of 60" for most of our clear and black mats. With our Premium and Executive thick mats, we can make single mats of 72" width.

Extra Large Mat Sizes

We're able to make any size mat you want using our link-mat system to combine multiple mats together like a puzzle. The links are designed to provide a snug fit, which makes the mats act as a cohesive unit. We use as few links as possible, and place them at logical points in the mat. If you have specific requirements on link placement, let us know and we'll make it happen.

Linked floor mats

If you need a large floor mat for your office or industrial area, send us an email to with your size requirements and a drawing if you have one.

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