Circle Clear Chair Mat for Carpet

Circle Clear Chair Mat for Carpet

  • $ 16275

Available in Anchorbar .145", .200", and .250" thickness

Using a series of staggered perpendicular bars, the cleat system "anchors" the mat as securely as traditional cleats yet are gentle on the carpet and fingers. The thicker the mat the better it will perform.

  • Use Anchorbar Standard (.145" thick) on low pile carpet with no pad.
  • Use Anchorbar Premium (.200" thick) on any of the following combinations: low pile carpet, thick carpet without pad, lowpile carpet with very thin pad.
  • Anchorbar Executive (.250" thick). Perfect for use on thick carpet with pad.

Lifetime warranty on .200" and .250" thick chair mats.

If you need a custom size, use our Custom Mat Builder tool.